WAmp Lines 1.1

WAmp Lines 1.1: Remake of the classical game Lines, supporting WinAmp skins. This game is a new version of a very popular logic game Lines. It supports skins of a widely known MP3-Player WinAmp. The game has an opportunity to choose a suitable field range, game rules and also to undo/redo the last action. The game saves itself on exit. The game is a freeware.

Linex 1.0: Linex is a interesting logical game, is a Lines like game in full 3D.
Linex 1.0

game. The game is done fully in 3D and looks very attractive at modern standards. LinEx is an ultra modern 3-dimensional remake of the famous Lines game. In the Lines game you have to rule a balls, whiches you form in lines for disappearance. The rules of LinEx are almost the same, but now you may play different types and everything is in full 3D! The stunning special effects are strengthened by 3D sound! New game engine, effects, expressive graphics

game, lines, puzzle, logic

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Cubes Mania 1.23 compiling

"Cubes Mania" is a fascinating logical game. This game is a real find for those who wants to rest of the work at the computer and to play something not exhausting! The aim of the "Cubes Mania"- game is to make up a one- colour brick line of the length specified, consisted of the identical bricks. On each next level of the game the amount of the equal bricks and the line length may take on different values. In this game there are different bonuses

puzzles, mania, crossword, delphin, editor, game, japan, cubes, nonogram, delphinatomic, logic

Jezzball Deluxe 1.5: This is a totally new kind of a remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix game.
Jezzball Deluxe 1.5

game called Jezzball Deluxe. This is a totally new kind of a remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix game. The aim of the game is very simple: at every level you will need to reveal the colorful picture without hitting the various moving balls. Even though the game might seem to be very easy, its fabulous gameplay makes it really addictive. Numerous difficulty levels will make this game interesting both for novices and pro players. You will also appreciate

xonix, deluxe, for kids, arcade game, jezzball, jezzball deluxe, game, free download, pictures, arcade, remake

PillMan 1.1: Remake of a popular game, Pacman. You must eat all the pills on the maze.
PillMan 1.1

game PillMan based on the popular classic game Pacman and hope that you appreciate and enjoy it. Really Pillman is a funny game for kids and their parents. The rules of game Pillman aren`t very difficult.But you should be very attentive to avoid the ghosts,scoff the pills and try not to go mad.If you are lucky and eat all the pills you find yourself on the next level,more interesting and dangerous. Play game Pillman ,a new version of game Pacman,

pacmania, shareware, game, awem, pacman, remake

Classic Solitaire (Zire, Tungsten, Treo 600) 1.1: The most popular solitaire game.
Classic Solitaire (Zire, Tungsten, Treo 600) 1.1

Classic Solitaire is the most popular solitaire game. A minor change of the game rule makes the game more fun. The game can be paused at any moment and continued from where it is paused, so it is convenient for you to play the game on the go. The object of the game is to use all the cards in the deck of sever playing stacks to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, beginning with the aces.

solitaire, card, palm, game, mobile, villemobile, classic

Tennis 2001 1.0: Remake from a classic game know from first 'TV-GAMES'.
Tennis 2001 1.0

At first sight this game looks very easy. But only at first sight. You will spend many hours with this game if you want to win. With this game you may play multiplayer without net. Tennis 2001 is a remake from a classic game know from first "TV-GAMES". Its a perhaps first computer game at all. You may download trial version, whish have not any limitation !

games, sports, game, tenis, tennis, sport

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